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Howling at the Moon: Fake Experts Ortega and Shelton

Anti-Scientologist Chris Shelton joins “forces” with Tony Ortega, but two zeros don’t make for a viable “expert” on anything, and certainly not religion.

Karen de la Carriere, a bitter ex-Scientologist expelled from the Church in 2010 for unethical and abusive conduct, has been on a revenge mission ever since, including bankrolling the likes of Tony Ortega and other anti-Scientologists to carry out her dirty work, and theirs.

Tony Ortega’s Longtime ‘Sugar Daddy’ Is a Former ‘Paid Mistress’

When, like Backpage Tony, you have no scruples about where your paycheck comes from, you’ll peddle hate for anyone.

Tony Ortega is always available when false denigration and disparaging soundbites are called for.

How 60 Minutes Australia Failed Laugh Test on Wacko “Source”

Exec admits no knowledge of disgraced blogger and atheist Tony Ortega’s former role as defender of Backpage prostitution-ad site when they allowed him on show to play “religious expert”

Tony Ortega is still silent

The Backpage Trial Is Over

The people and sordid operation Tony Ortega once defended are found guilty in federal trial, and further action could come.

Ortega trivialized the courage of the victims who fought back when their lives were threatened.

Tony Ortega’s ‘Satire’ a Brutal Depravity

Tony Ortega’s invented story was called “editorial sodomy” by a journalist outraged at Ortega’s “prank.”

Tony Ortega, with his wife Arielle Silverstein, has made a career of religion bashing.

Does Tony Ortega Bad-Mouth Your Religion?

Don’t feel singled out. He talks hate toward everybody’s religion.

Tony Ortega surrounds himself with an unsavory lot

Thick as Thieves

Proverb: If you want to know someone’s character, look at the friends he keeps.

Tony Ortega: Will the feds come knocking on his door?

Tony Ortega’s Biggest Fear

As the trial draws to a close, what’s going on with the once staunch defender of the sex ads website who remains silent while his former bosses and colleagues face possible life sentences?

Tony Ortega usually has much to say about nearly everything, except the trial of his former Backpage comrades, on which he has been uncharacteristically silent for years.

King Rat

Tony Ortega bailed fast from Backpage and seems happy to let the ship and his former boss go down—while he stays out of it

Tony Ortega has promoted deprogrammer Rick Ross throughout his career, overlooking Ross’ criminal past and supporting his antireligious agenda.

Tony Ortega on the Wrong Side of Right and Wrong

Ortega has downplayed criminal acts, promoted antireligious invective and defended a salacious sex ads website. What’s wrong with this guy?

Tony Ortega’s defense of turned a blind eye to the inhuman damage wrought by the prostitution ads that included underage victims.

Pants on Fire

When Tony Ortega was Village Voice editor, he played down the underage prostitution ads appearing on, calling it a “small number.” Anti-trafficking groups numbers tell a different story.

Defense attorney Paul Cambria (who represented Hustler magazine owner Larry Flynt) and Backpage defender Tony Ortega – antireligious doppelgangers.

The Antireligious Gang

Backpage defense going after people of belief who pushed back against online sex ads

With pulling in half a billion dollars, a 2-year payout for Tony Ortega when he was fired from The Village Voice doesn’t seem alluring enough to buy his silence for more than a decade.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Struck Gold

The Village Voice Media cofounders made huge money running ads facilitating prostitution and underage child sex abuse on Did loyalist Tony Ortega share in the wealth?

Arielle Silverstein and her husband Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega’s Wife Arielle Silverstein: Still Sponsoring Hate After All These Years?

The UN employee continues her antireligious extremism by bankrolling her antireligious blogger husband.

Sex ads defender Tony Ortega bragged that his bosses, Lacey and Larkin, were “smart enough to start” Lacey is on trial facing a life sentence. Larkin committed suicide before the trial started.

Backpage: The Elephant in the Room

The worst-kept secret in Village Voice Media was where all the money was coming from.

Backpage defender Tony Ortega has made no public statements during the Backpage trial of his former boss.

Backpage Trial Continues: The Noose Tightens

“Attack Dog” Tony Ortega, who targeted Backpage detractors (in defense of his paycheck) and never showed remorse, remains silent.

His phony news output well known in the United States, blogger Tony Ortega pitches himself as an “expert” Down Under.

60 Minutes Australia Uses Disgraced Child Sex Ad Apologist Tony Ortega as “Expert”

Paid propagandist Ortega got his start as a hired gun defending prostitution hub—now the focus of a major criminal case in Arizona.

Tony Ortega defended Backpage sex ads until he was fired as Village Voice editor; Michael Lacey (inset), on trial for facilitation of prostitution and money laundering; and Carl Ferrer, former Backpage CEO who testified for the prosecution.

Backpage Insider Testifies: “Those Were Prostitution Ads.”

With his blunt admissions, former Backpage CEO did the heavy lifting for the prosecution.

Tony Ortega and the Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. Courthouse in Phoenix, Arizona, where Backpage cofounder Michael Lacey is being tried.

Tony Ortega Called Child Sex Trafficking “Small Problem”

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said 73% of all child trafficking reports they received from the general public involved

Tony Ortega was the pimps’ best friend when he was chief defender of while editor of Village Voice.

Where’s Tony?

With his old buddy and former boss on trial, facing charges that could put Michael Lacey in prison for the rest of his life, Tony Ortega is nowhere to be seen.

Tony Ortega is still diverting attention from his role in Backpage.

Tony Ortega’s Treacherous Smokescreen

Tony Ortega has for years deflected scrutiny of underage sex trafficking ads on

Tony Ortega—still silent about

Sex Ads. Profit. Pushback.

Tony Ortega’s entanglement with Backpage went well beyond his attempts to ridicule and discredit those who opposed the sex trafficking trade he profited from.

Tony Ortega—still has some explaining to do

Conspiracy for Profit

As Tony Ortega entered The Village Voice, journalism went out the door and soulless moneymaking came in. trial

Tony Ortega’s Deal to Remain Silent About

Dirty money from sex trafficking paid Ortega’s salary for five years and has bought his silence ever since he was fired over a decade ago.

Tony Ortega with Haggis media reports

Ortega’s Silent Defense of a Rapist

Continuing his long record of defending sexual predators, blogger Tony Ortega went silent again as his friend and associate, rapist Paul Haggis, hit the latest snag in trying to get out of paying the $10 million judgment he owes to the woman he raped.

McMurtry’s social media revealed she had been inspired to commit her crime after seeing content featuring Ortega and his anti-Scientology partner Leah Remini.

When Antireligious Hate Gets Personal for Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega, an apologist for hatemongers and criminals, supports bigotry and hatred that all too often ends in tragedy.

Tony Ortega with a fan

Tony Ortega: A History of Deceiving Readers

As a blogger and tabloid source, Ortega seeks attention by fabricating content

The groundbreaking KCTV Channel 5 investigative series in February 2004 caught more than a dozen child sex predators in Kansas City in a sting operation. While law enforcement increased policing and prosecutions of sexual predators, Tony Ortega attacked the station.

Tony Ortega: Protecting Predators

A perverted agenda: Ortega protects pedophiles and vilifies those who unmask them

Tony Ortega, who is a long-time affiliate of the atheistic Skeptics, ridicules spirituality and religion, believing blessings, miracles and daily beliefs derive from ignorance.

Tony Ortega’s Religious Bigotry

As Americans mired in the Covid-19 epidemic turned to religion and prayer for solace, Tony Ortega mocked them.

Tony Ortega

Lampooning Rape, Kidnapping and Sexual Assault

From the twisted agenda of Tony Ortega