Howling at the Moon: Fake Experts Ortega and Shelton

Anti-Scientologist Chris Shelton joins “forces” with Tony Ortega, but two zeros don’t make for a viable “expert” on anything, and certainly not religion.

Shelton interviews Ortega who interviews Shelton who interviews Ortega who…
Shelton interviews Ortega who interviews Shelton who interviews Ortega who…

Chris Shelton used to be a Scientologist—of sorts. Now he is an apostate, expelled from the Scientology religion over a decade ago after refusing repeated offers of assistance to get his life in order. When he proved beyond doubt that he would never rise to an acceptable level of ethical conduct to be a Scientologist, he was shown the door.

Today Shelton, pumped up by other anti-Scientologists, touts himself as an “expert,” posting dozens of videos on his website attacking religions.

Ousted from the Church of Scientology and with no one restraining his unethical conduct, Shelton hooked up with anti-Scientologists including Mike Rinder, Karen de la Carriere, Leah Remini and finally Tony Ortega, launching his “career” as an anti-Scientologist internet personality spreading his gospel of hate.

Of Rinder, who dumped his family and violently injured his wife, Shelton has nothing but praise.

And like Rinder and Ortega, Shelton has been the recipient of largesse from de la Carriere who fuels anti-Scientologists willing to hatemonger for pay or any kind of favor.

Rather than reform his own conduct and adopt a moral, responsible life, Shelton’s existence is nothing more than an explosive, never-ending tantrum. He concocted a niche philosophy of “critical thinking” and began blogging—and monetizing—his rants against Scientology and others by soliciting contributions and promoting coercive “exit counselors.”

Yet Shelton is the one who needs counseling, though it is unlikely it would accomplish anything. His life is a trail of adultery and lies. His former wife said he cheated on her three times. “He destroys families. Literally, he destroyed our family. He destroyed another family with the person that he was having a relationship with while I was married to him. He is a homewrecker.”

Shelton fathered a child with another woman and totally ignored the mother and child for 25 years, contributing nothing, financially or emotionally, to their support.

Shelton also popped up on Leah Remini’s hate-filled anti-Scientology cable TV series (cancelled in 2019) and has been a frequent “guest” on Ortega’s blog.

So this is how it works with people like Shelton and Ortega, et al: A handful of bitter anti-Scientologists gang up to try to make a living recycling their vitriolic content among their own circle as self-appointed “experts.”

Shelton, like his cohorts, is no expert on anything. He’s nothing more than an angry reject, howling at the moon.