Mark Rathbun Reveals What Mike Rinder Really Thinks of “Journalist” Tony Ortega

Mark Rathbun explains Tony Ortega’s role in the “troika” with Leah Remini and Mike Rinder—and reveals what Rinder had to say about Ortega before they found a mutual way to make money.


So they bring—you know, the third leg of the troika is Tony Ortega, who’s the silent partner of Remini and Rinder behind this production [Aftermath], the guy who’s the advance man, gets all the leaks that she—Rinder and Remini want to tease interest in the upcoming show [Aftermath], right. And he gets to give his obligatory appearance each season, which he highly values and tries to pimp into greater influence for himself, crowing about it on Twitter and on his blog. He thinks it’s, you know, it’s his cred card, right.

And so they present him as this heroic journalist who’s, you know, with them. He’s in it for the higher purpose of helping people, right, okay.

Here’s Mike Rinder on Tony Ortega, four years after he left the Church of Scientology: “Tony has no subjective reality on Scientology. So it is not possible for him to see any forest. He is stuck on the trees, most of which are old and dead, that wood having been chopped a hundred times already.”

Okay. Two years after that, at right around the time Rinder’s hooking up with Remini, in 2013: “The main difference between Tony Ortega and you [Mark Rathbun], and there are many, is that you have studied and practiced the subject of Scientology and are continually searching for ways to help people become more enlightened. Tony has stumbled onto the subject of Scientology as a way of making news and money.” Period. End of story.

That’s the guy who’s their crusading knight in white, you know, in shining armor, on the white stallion who gets brought in to pontificate about Scientology. He has no subjective reality on it, no experiential track with it, and he’s only in it to stir up controversy and to make money.