Mark Rathbun Reveals Money Motivation of Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega

Mark Rathbun details the inner workings of the ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult) and his discussions with ringleaders Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega revealing their primary motivation: money.


Okay, so the troika—I mentioned that the troika of ASC [Anti-Scientology Cult] considered that they had a well-defined, hardbound hierarchy. The only problem with it is that all three members of it think that they’re in charge. And what I mean by that is—the three members: Tony Ortega, who runs a daily blog—he’s their sort of PR, meme guy; Mike Rinder, who runs a daily blog; and Leah Remini, who runs reality TV spin-offs on Scientology.

Every meme, every idea that emanates from the ASC, emanates from those three. I mean, it may—somebody may have an idea and bring it in, but it clears one of those three before it gets put out there. And they continue to churn this stuff out. And they only do it because it is profitable.

Now when I say they consider they have a hierarchy, I mean I had discussions with these people. Mike—Tony Ortega snickers about what a fool Mike Rinder and Leah Remini are, and how easy it is to sucker them into making him the only “first scoop guy,” so he gets all the “scoops,” right.

Mike Rinder says that Leah Remini is just a ditzy, harebrained, privileged person, okay, who has a great, over-bloated self-image of herself. And that he has to guide her every step of the way and hold her hand.

Leah Remini says that Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega are hallucinating if they don’t realize that they’re her bitches. And she is just using them.

And so that’s why I say that they, their—you know, it’s like a cluster and they think they have a hierarchy but each part of it thinks that they’re the one that’s in charge.

But again, I say, it always comes back to money. And Leah Remini explained it to me one day. She asked me if I got paid to participate in Going Clear and I said, “No, I never participate in—I never got paid for participating in any media or documentary, and I never would out of principle.” She said, “I don’t get that. I don’t understand what—I don’t understand your thinking.” She said, “I don’t,” she said, “I didn’t participate because they wouldn’t pay me.” She said, “I don’t do anything unless I’m paid. Nothing.”