Tony Ortega Posts Photo of 3-Year-Old, Invades Family Privacy Because of Religion

Tony Ortega posted a mother’s private photograph of her young son without her permission, in pursuit of his hate against her religion—and despite his connection with child sex trafficking.


I don’t know what kind of person posts a picture of a child on the Internet without the parents’ permission. Certainly not a journalist because no journalist would do something like that—ever.

So, I got a phone call from a relative saying, “Hey, your kiddo’s picture’s up.” And I was like, “What?” He’s like, “Yeah, and it’s a little weird because this guy has something to do with Backpage.” And I was like, “Can you send me the link?” And I was a little nervous about it. I was like, “Who the hell would put my kid’s picture up on the Internet without my permission?” He was, like, three years old, by the way.

So I go and look and it’s Tony Ortega’s site. And come to find out that this guy has a connection to Backpage, which is a child trafficking website. And this is…​this guy thinks that it’s okay to put my kid’s picture up with that kind of connection? I was so disgusted.

What kind of sleazebag takes a picture of a child and puts it out on the Internet without a parent’s permission? Certainly not a journalist. I felt horrified. I felt violated by this guy. And I’m like, “Who the hell are you to take my kid’s image—” that was private by the way, it was a private photograph—and he took it and made it public. It was so sleazy and disgusting, I couldn’t believe it.

My husband and I were furious. So we immediately contacted him through our attorney and said take our kid’s picture down. It was insane.