Hate, Bigotry and a United Nations Employee

Arielle Silverstein

Unemployed for years, with only meager earnings from selling ads on his blog and the occasional story to the tabloids, and possibly charity from Karen de la Carriere’s black Amex card, how does Ortega put food on the table? The answer: Ortega’s latest wife, Arielle Silverstein, is the breadwinner in the family.

Silverstein calls herself a Jewish atheist. In truth, she is a religious bigot, her actions and words showing her to be a serial hater of religions and religious beliefs. She must know that publicly ridiculing and bullying people for their religious faith can have terrible consequences, but behind the scenes Silverstein does to Jews and other religious people what only a vile hater would do.

In 2011, Silverstein joined the Anonymous cyberterrorist forum, writing under the pseudonym Bozuri. From behind her false identity, she expressed that she despised religions in general and had no reservations about venting hatred against them. In fact, she was one of the instigators behind the “Everybody Draw Mohamed Day 2012” hate campaign against Muslims. These are examples of Silverstein’s work she posted in the Anonymous forum:

She mocks Jews in a similar vein to anti-Semitic propaganda of World War II:

On the same discussion thread, Silverstein admits membership in Anonymous, joining their forum on April 9, 2011, to attack yet another religion:

Who is Arielle Silverstein when she is not hiding behind an online Anonymous fake persona?

Arielle Irena Silverstein is married to Tony Ortega, who is also obsessed with degrading and bashing religions. Ortega’s obsession with blogging anti-Scientology rants got him fired as editor-in-chief of Village Voice in 2012.

Silverstein is an attorney for the United Nations Management Evaluation Unit in New York City. According to a United Nations official, Silverstein previously was staff  at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia (ICTY), in the War Crimes Chamber in Sarajevo. She is thus most certainly aware of the devastating effects of religious discrimination and how indulging in the mindless spread of hatred can lead to such horrors as ethnic cleansing and war crimes.

“And also I have to mention, there is a power behind the throne and that is his tireless researcher and significant other, Arielle.” Ortega attorney Scott Pilutik 

As an employee of the United Nations living in the United States, Silverstein is a guest of the country and is expected to conduct herself with respect for the customs and laws of the host nation. Yet Silverstein’s hate campaigns have been swept under the rug by the United Nations. Her employer also ignores that she is a researcher for her husband’s anti-Scientology blog which uses Silverstein’s UN-subsidized apartment in New York City as its base of operations.

Silverstein hides behind the immunity accorded to United Nations personnel while at the same time stoking the fires of anti-religious hatred as an active member of Anonymous, a clandestine group of internet outlaws that is high on the watch list of U.S. federal law enforcement. How is it possible that this hate-filled individual is allowed to carry out her own personal “cyber Jihad” under the protection of the United Nations?

In a video posted on YouTube, Ortega attorney Scott Pilutik revealed who was behind Ortega’s continuous rants about Scientology: “And also I have to mention, there is a power behind the throne and that is his tireless researcher and significant other, Arielle.”

If Silverstein tirelessly researches for Tony Ortega, when does she have the time to do the job she is paid to do at the United Nations? And how does her anti-religious activity fit with these United Nations staff regulations?